Authors, Inspiration and Breaking Book News! #WhyIWrite

Authors, Inspiration and Breaking Book News! #WhyIWrite

Tuesday night was unbelievable! If you missed it, the recording is available both on the event page and on our YouTube channel:

Authors Peter Reynolds, Kathryn Otoshi, and Lynda Mullaly Hunt were joined by our Book Ambassador, JoEllen McCarthy, for a one hour reading-amazement-explosion.

The authors spoke together (gushed over each other’s work together) about why they write, where they find inspiration, how books support empathy and community building, and…

…they each

—unknown to us—

broke major news about upcoming projects!

We had the first on camera look at Peter Reynold’s newest book, Kathryn Otoshi’s work in progress, and INCREDIBLE news for Fish In A Tree Fans of Lynda Mullaly Hunt!

Click the image below or go to to view!


It’s a fun, energetic, inspiring hour to lift your spirits and remind you of the magic of writing! Share clips with your students!