Edujoy: #TheEdCollabGathering Reflections

Edujoy: #TheEdCollabGathering Reflections

Reader Leah O’Donnell (@leahod) blogged about yesterday’s #TheEdCollabGathering and has agreed to allow us to host her post here.  Make sure to follow her blog here, and to see her original post here.


Yesterday was a pretty phenomenal day to be a teacher who embraces Twitter and the digital world as her PLN.+Christopher Lehman and his friends at The Educator Collaborative put on a whole day of online FREE learning for teachers.  They had 11 sessions and 2 keynotes, to make a grand total of thirteen chances to learn and grow about a wide variety of topics.  The best part was being able to do it from home on a rainy spring day (and in the car on the way to MSI!).  The second best part is that it is completely ARCHIVED here!

During the opening session, they had asked how we were going to share our learning from the day with others.  I had said that I was going to share my learning through tweets, blogs, and conversations as a coach.  The tweets were live tweets yesterday.  For the blog, I thought I would use a new app that I learned about from one of my Maker Communities on google.  It’s called Word Swag, and I love it.  So, here are some of the biggest quotes or take aways for me personally as a teacher.

To see any of these sessions, just go the the archived link above and scroll through the orange bar at the top.

So, here goes!  My top 10 big ideas or inspirations (in no particular order) in Word Swags.

Opening Session: Who Inspires Your Thinking?
@ichrislehman @KristinZiemke  @heatherrocco


Session 1, Workshop #3: Teacher Poets
Session 2 Workshop #6: Leading with Joy
@tonysinanis @JohnFritzky @jschwarzeteach @MrLeBrun @heatherrocco



@janinecrain beat me to making this one!  She tweeted it before I could make it.  🙂
Session 3, Workshop #7: Blogging for Teacher Voices
National Blog Collab founders @natblogcollab @MrBronke
Session 4, Workshop #10: Celebrating and Supporting ELLs
@EmilyDeLiddo @mary_cappellini


At the very least, please go on to twitter and follow these FABULOUS educators.  Your PLN will thank you.

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